Zažívate absurdné situácie, máte skúsenosti s výchovou detí alebo ste sa práve vrátili z exotickej dovolenky? O svoje zážitky sa môžete podeliť na našom webe.
Erotic is fun

Erotic is fun

Have you ever thought about surprising your partner, but don`t know how? I have some tips for you here that you could definitely use, and you could try them, maybe I will inspire you in the end.

Good mood

When you want to surprise your partner, you must first be in a good mood and not „force“ yourself into something. It really wouldn`t make sense to force yourself into something – moreover, your partner would definitely recognize it. So, keep a smile on your face and think positively. Your partner will surely be thrilled.


Good dinner

You definitely know what your partner`s favourite food is. And it actually all starts with food – as they say, love passes through the stomach, and this is doubly true for men, so don`t forget that. Try making your partner`s favourite food and see how excited he gets. If someone cooked my favourite food, I would jump for joy and be really happy.


Of course, romance is also tied to surprise. To begin with, try to tune your partner into a romantic atmosphere and put on some sexy lingerie that will surely excite him. You can fill a communal bath and put some foam in it. I always put it in there, it smells wonderful and it`s definitely nicer with foam than without.


Erotic massage

How about trying to massage your partner in the bathtub and give him an erotic massage? I think he will definitely not refuse. An erotic massage is something that a man will probably never refuse. I myself love and adore it when my partner gives me an erotic massage and it excites me quite a bit, and so does my partner when I, on the other hand, give him an erotic massage. For an erotic massage, try changing into something beautiful that your partner will like. It can be anything – maybe a sexy camisole, or just some really sexy lace underwear that you and your partner will like. Remember, the more romantic the better.